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Separation and divorce can be an emotional, financial and legal rollercoaster! It can feel overwhelming and have a significant impact on all areas of your life. If you are a parent, it becomes even more important to manage well through the process, to support your kids well-being as you take care of your own.

A Divorce Coach can be an invaluable member of your professional team.

Sometimes mediation is not appropriate or one party is not interested in participating in mediation sessions. Maybe you just want someone to come alongside, so you don't feel so alone in the process. Coaching can provide emotional support, family law information and strategies that address many of the challenges you may experience, as you move through separation and divorce. Some areas you may benefit from divorce coaching are:


  • Dealing with relationship breakdown

  • Restructuring your family, moving to a new home and financial issues that arise with one income

  • Education, information and community resources regarding family law

  • Co -parenting during and after separation

Tamara is an alumni of Rhodes Wellness College, completing the Life Coach Diploma Program and is a certified Divorce Coach and Comprehensive Family Law Mediator.


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