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  • Introduction/ Information Call - No Fee

  • Initial Case Intake - $200.00 + gst

       (one fee inclusive for all parties participating)

  • Individual Pre-Mediation Sessions - $100 + gst per hour

  • Joint Mediation Sessions $100.00 per person + gst per hour

  • Support Summary $100.00 + gst per hour

  • 1st. Draft Memorandum of Understanding - $200.00 + gst. 

  • Revised Draft of Memorandum of Understanding - $200 + gst. per hour

Divorce Coaching
  • Introduction/ Information Call - No Fee

  • One 50-minute phone or video session - $140 + gst. per hour
    Best for those looking for a quick consult, may be in need BC Family Law information (not legal advice) or questions about first steps in the separation and divorce process.


  • Three 50-minute phone or video sessions - $390 + gst.
    Best for those who are in the middle of the divorce process, needing more emotional and practical support with ongoing co-parenting issues or adjusting through this new life transition. 


  • Six 50-minute phone or video sessions - $780 + gst.
    Best for those who are going through a difficult divorce and/or challenging co-parenting dynamics and need more support to help move them closer to the life that they want for themselves and/or their children during or after divorce.

Changing Point recognizes the financial challenges families may face and strives to make services an affordable option for all. A Sliding Fee Schedule may be available based on annual income. Please call or email to inquire.

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