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Other Mediated Family Issues:

Conflict is a part of life and it's not uncommon for families to see things in a different way! There are many other family conflict issues that can be supported by a trained mediator. 


"And when your family shares a deeper intimacy and respect, problems between family members will seem lighter to bear.”  - John M. Gottman, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child -


Parenting after separation and divorce can be challenging sometimes. It is possible to co-parent peacefully! Are you in parenting chaos, not knowing where to turn? Or perhaps you're doing pretty well but could just need some fine-tuning.


With the help of  effective communication skills, positive parenting methods and time management strategies, it can all be made easier. You can keep to the heart of raising children, in a way that supports their best lives moving forward.

Mediation is a very helpful process in opening communication between partners. It's not just for those separating, but also for those wanting to build more connectedness in their relationships. Having the  those difficult conversations can build intimacy in your relationship.

A skilled mediator can be the bridge to taking that first step.


Conversations between parents and youth can sometimes feel like you are speaking a different language!


Mediation is a safe, confidential place to talk and be heard. This can be especially helpful when bridging communication between parents and teens. Resolving family disputes can help your family reconnect and talk about what really matters.


Caring for an aging parent is complex. You will likely have a team of professionals helping you with your parent's needs. Getting on the same page as a family, can lessen the stress of navigating health and care systems.


The process of mediation can surface the interests of individuals and build understanding to create an agreeable plan of care moving forward.

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