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Personal and Family Coaching

Personal Coaching 
The Coaching relationship between coach and client is built on self- awareness and acknowledgment. Personal Coaching is a learning process. A Personal Coach may use powerful questions, reflection, requests and discussion to help clients develop life strategies, improve relationships and create action plans intended to achieve their goals.


Sessions may focus on :​

  • Setting goals and creating a plan to get there.

  • Life balance strategies -- is life ever really balanced?

  • A passion and purpose quest -- who am I . . . what now?

  • Time and wellness management

Youth & Young Adult Coaching

Sessions may focus on:

  • Communicating with your parents - what support do you need?

  • Finding you -- what makes you happy?...identify talents, skills and focus more on what you want and less on what you don't want!

  • Building confidence -- a safe place to explore and develop a stronger sense of self. 

  • Transition support -- moving into adulthood comes with challenges... do you need some support building school, family and/or social skills?

Family Coaching

Family coaching explores the relationship between family members and how you all work together as a system. Just like other areas of life, it’s helpful to manage “ family business” and work as a team. Find out how each family member can contribute to a more positive, happy family life.


Sessions may focus on:

  • Parenting issues

  • Effective communication skills

  • Time and stress management

  • Family meetings - organization, delegation and team building

  • Identifying family goals and creating a family-friendly action plan 

  • Defining  boundaries and family guidelines

  • Leverging individual strengths, talents and skills

Relationship Coaching
Sessions may focus on:

  • Skill development - addresses unproductive relationship patterns and behaviours.

  • Communication – what needs to be said and constructive ways to say it.

  • Exploration of needs - a safe environment to better understand what's important and how to meet individual needs.

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